How Do I Fix The Speedometer On My 95 Taurus

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My speedometer goes crazy when I reach about 50 mph. I makes a rattling noise and goes back and forth between 45 and 80. How do I fix it?

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    1. saveahorse_ridea_cowgirl says:

      Sounds like the problem is in the gears the speedometer cable is connected to.

    2. speeddemon_747 says:

      Sounds like the head/speedometer is bad, i have seen alot of them go bad on Taurus’s. When you take it out to replace it make sure you pull the cable out and lube it. Any questions feel free to ask.

    3. kayef57 says:

      Ford had a TSB years ago, the speedometer head needs to be changed

    4. Joshua S says:

      you could need a new speed sensor.. if it is not the is located on the passangerside near the bulkhead( firewall) on the transaxle where the halfshaft goes in. it should be under a tin shield. it maybe hard to get to due to the rear exhaust manifold. you will have one type eletronic. check the teeth on the sensor. spin gear and have someone watch speedo to determine if speedo is ok or needs to be replaced.. internal drive gear trans type is prob ax4s..ax4n

    5. Josh S says:

      The speedodometer is worn out inside, You will have to replace it. Seen this many many times.