How Can I Get More Power Out Of My Truck 2001 Dodge 5.9L V8

Posted in Performance Chips | Asked on Apr 26, 2010

It has exhaust, and I added a k&N cold air intake, and a hypertech max energy programmer. But I want more, what else can I do?

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  1. cooljoeisapansybaby says:

    Throw that car engine away and put in a luxury liner pulling Cummins!

  2. Bill P says:

    get a power chip

  3. johnny b good says:

    426 hemi

  4. 45 cal says:

    Your dealing with a computer> go on dodge ram =truck= forums look under 2 generation then performance read till you find some thing that tickles your fancy hours of reading they try all kinds of things i have the diesel 04.5 major power 435 hp ram/air induction an 20 mph >>>

  5. Joe says:


  6. serenity_landscaper says:

    if youd like a cheaper idea than the ones above me i think a free flowing exhost and more inportant a cold air induction maby from brute works and adds 30 hp or so

  7. Amy m says:

    A cam and some port work on the heads would be a great power booster and would give you a reason for needing a cold air intake.A super charger such as a kenne bell or paxton would also give it a noticeable power increase.