How Can I Fix The Speedometer In My 1993 Chevy Lumina Eurosport

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The speedometer in my 1993 Lumina Eurosport is stuck at 120mph both when turned on and when off. The problem started after it was jump started. After the jump start the speedometer shot up to 120mph and has stayed there ever since, how can I fix this? Also, to add, it still starts up fine and everything else works including the radio and tachometer and it has 170k miles on it.
it isn’t a digital display speedometer, and it isn’t stuck behind a peg

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    1. Leonard B says:


    2. ricky m says:


    3. teh-brown-kid says:

      here’s a hint… throw it on a wall

    4. chadillac86 says:

      it sounds like an electrical problem. You probly shorted something when it was jumped. Have a mechanic do a diagnostic on it.

    5. Bub says:

      If it is stuck on the other side of the peg, you may be able to fish a wire through the trip meter reset peg hole and flip it to the other side? I had to do this on a gas needle on a 98 Malibu that had a dead battery issue. If you had to, you could drill a hole closer, after all, it isn’t a classic. Good luck.

    6. Sophie B says:

      Sounds like you overloaded the speed sensor, go to a speedometer repair person, or steering column repair person….

    7. mike d says:

      is it electronic speedo? probably have to replace the whole read out panel .