Horsepower/torque Gains For My 2000 Chevy Tahoe 5.7L

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I recently purchased a 2000 chevy tahoe limited, im looking for ways of adding a lil more power, i dont want to spend too much would like to keep it under 1000 to start. Does anyone recommend the speedchips or hypertech power programmer? if so wich one?

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    1. Charlie says:

      change the rear end ratio to a higher gear ratio. like a 4:11 or a 3:73

    2. clive says:

      after market parts for this motor are very inexpensive. check out ur local auto parts store. u could do alot to the motor with a big cam, gear to gear timing, and lots of other stuff for under 1000 if ur gonna do the labor yourself.

    3. Hair Lover says:

      Get you a cold air intake and dual the exhaust out and you will get better results than a chip. Chips can cause problems with you vehicles puter later on. Also change the oil to Mobil one and maybe put new plugs and wires and you should have a fine running ride.

    4. trucker460 says:

      A bigger cam kit will get you there.
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