Does a Power Programmer void the Warranty

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I was thinking about getting a power programmer for my mustang and I still have a lot of warranty left on the car so I am wondering whether the programmer voids the warranty?

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    1. jayt says:

      probably does

    2. Mad Jack says:

      It most definitely does.

      What many people will do is return the computer to its original factory settings and remove the programmer before the bringing it to the dealer for service.

      However if you are caught you will void your warranty. And there is a good chance you wil be caught.

      Also, most engine modifications can also void your warranty.

    3. jasonsprouse says:

      Absolutely voids warranty. The programmer people will tell you no. But the manufacturer programs the car to be “safe” not for maximum power. The tuners take that safety zone out to get the extra power.

      From experience, once you get started trying to tune it will be a money pit. Tuning, cams, exhaust, injectors. You never get enough power or speed.

    4. ken k says:


    5. Delmer S says:

      check with the manufacture they can tell you

    6. Robert B says:

      um i drive a 2009 F-250 and i have a programmer that puts the power UNDER the “voided” part of the warranty.for ford you can add power but you must be under a certain HP rating.for my truck anyway.i asked a tech at my local dealer.i suggest you do the same.

    7. STEVEN F says:

      ANY alterations not approved by the manufacturer void the warranty.

    8. mister ss says:

      anytime you change factory settings on the computer your warranty is in jeopardy if you have engine problems.