Do Power Programmers Actually Work

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I want to get a power programmer but i want to know if they actually work or are just a ripoff. Anyone who has ever used one feel free to tell your experiences with these.

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    1. charolastra says:

      It works for me. I have a 99 TJ I6 with MSD 6AL, Edge Tbody, Hesco spacer, Livewires, Screaming demon, cold air intake and it’s working great. Then I added the Jet chip stage 2. Lowered the thermostat, bigger headers, took off the cat ant put a flowmaster 40. I noticed a big difference on it. So I removed the chip just to test it and I felt it right away. So I put it back and since then I had no problems. Now I gap the spark plugs to 65. To me it works great I don’t know about the other ones.

    2. Dale says:

      I tried a hypertech on my 96 cherokee 4.0, I didn’t notice any significant difference in power. After trying the programming for higher octane fuel and deciding that it wasn’t running right(pinging) I tried using the normal gas setting and it decided to run badly there too (it ran ok there before, go figure…) The biggest power difference I ever got was when I installed a bored out throttle body, 63mm, (stock is 58mm with a weird taper in it)