2003 Buick Lesabre 3800 V6…How Can I Economically Increase Horsepower From 205 Up To 240

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Obviously, demand is low for mods on “grandpa’s Buick” but it is a well built semi luxury vehicle. Just want to give it a little more muscle, reminiscent of that back-in-the-day GM performance we younger guys kinda missed out on. I want the power of a v8, from a large six cylinder that gets surprisingly good fuel mileage.

I’ve read about performance programmers and chips, as well as cold air intakes and exhaust, but haven’t been able to find many after market parts available. I’ve spent hours just looking for a programmer, as I’m thinking that would be the best choice.

What can I do for under five hundred to start?

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    1. Homer 4 President says:

      Check for camaro V6 parts same engine

    2. pedro says:

      There is almost no performance aftermarket for that car, find out what the supercharged pontiac grand prix (GTP) crowd does to thier cars, that might get you at least a set of headers or exhaust. They use the same engine, although with a supercharger.

    3. Jordan C says:

      There are plenty of mods for the 3800, mainly due to it’s stronger sister engine the 3800 Supercharged.

      Check out…

      zzperformance.com (probably the best most affordable parts)
      clubgp.com (Grand Prix forum but the same engine and most parts fit easily)

      For a tad over $500 you can buy a cam and a cold air intake that should meet your power goal. Personally though, I’d go with the turbo kit available for the 3800 from ZZp. You will be smoking factory LS1 cars with it.