1997 Chevy Tahoe W/350 Vortech. Need More Power.

Posted in Performance Chips | Asked on Apr 29, 2010

Was just wondering what i can do pull more power out this thing. it has a superchips programmer and k and n air filter but they didnt do very much. ill soon be changing the gears front and rear to 4.88′s i know thats gonna help. keep in mind this is a soon to be monster with 42 inch tires and its a street/off road truck, my daily driver. what can i do to pull more power out of this motor camshaft, lifters, anything besides forced induction that costs way too much for me. im 17 so budget isnt huge but so far i have built this thing to my specs but its about to get more lift and bigger tires(the 42′s) so any help would be appreciated need more power bad.

There are 2 Answers for "1997 Chevy Tahoe W/350 Vortech. Need More Power."

  1. Johnny Rotten says:

    Headers will help out…It,ll sound better too…It,s the gear change that you need the most…..

  2. Jimbo says:

    Cam could help, a port and polish surely wouldnt hurt. Try a bigger exhaust or dual exhaust, let it breathe a bit. 4.88′s? what are ya pulling, a f**king army tank? Lots and lots of torque and hardly any speed, but thats good if your monstering it up.

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