What Will Happen If You Put New Oil Into A Car Without Draining The Old Oil Or Changing The Filter

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It is a Chrysler Town and country,

and my friends mom thinks it is alright to just add new oil where it says engine oil, without draining the oil, or changing the oil filter.

and she did it even though i tol her not to, causing the “engine oil” tube to overflow

I know, she is stupid.

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    1. SkyPilot says:

      She has no business trying to service a car. You NEVER just add more oil as she did. She needs to get it drained it down to the correct level and then take it to a shop and have a proper oil and filter change done.

    2. korvosiaay says:

      Never let this woman breed, let alone service a vehicle. If you just keep adding oil (overfill it) and never change it you could blow out the crankshaft seal, losing all your oil while driving. And never changing oil is asking for an engine replacement.

    3. SkiMaskedInteriorDesigner says:


      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    4. bandit_60 says:

      the new oil will just get dirty too when it mixes with the old oil.

    5. overfall4 says:

      It’s now overfilled. This will cause the oil to be sucked into the air intake (not too cool), and may blow main seals (expeeeensive!). Drain the oil out completely. Put four quarts in, start it up, let it run for a minute while looking for drips between the bottom of the car and the ground, shut it off. Check the oil level. It takes 1 quart to get from one mark to the other on the dipstick. You want to add oil until it gets to the upper mark. Alway pull the stick once and wipe it off immediately, stick it back in, pull it out and then check where the level is.

    6. chevy-is-da-s*** says:

      she will probably wind up replacing that engine because more than likely it will blow the seals and lose all oil and if she doesnt know anmore about cars than the way you say she does she wont even look at her oil pressure gauge so she wont even know she has no oil until the engine locks up

    7. Handyman says:

      She most want a new car, if not she best get ready to buy one , because if she hasn’t already screwed that engine -up ,she’s on the way of doing it and i mean soon. if she wants to try and save the engine she needs to drain the oil & filter, then replace it with a new oil filter & 5qts of oil, then pull all of the spark plugs , then spin the engine over to blow the oil off of the top of the pistons, may need to replace the spark plug if she got them full of oil, they will be fouled out .

    8. Dallas D says:

      Ohh Very bad !!! you should never fill the crankcase with more oil than the full mark on the dipstick…The pistons will slap on the oil causing it to froth then massive air gets in the pump bad bad bad then It blows the crank seals and pushes to much oil up on top of the head causing major valve cover leaking and maybe sucking oil in the vacum ports more bad bad… she should not drive it like this.. have someone remove the oil where it sits install a new filter and 4.5 quarts of oil. then check the dipstick after it runs about 3-4 minutes then top it off to the max fill line on the dipstick ….Thats it