What Are The Best Brands Of Oil Filters

What are the differences between common brands of oil filters? Are they all basically the same in terms of quality or do some perform better than others?
To be more specific, the three brands I’m comparing are-

Motorcraft (OEM for my Mazda3) – $7
FRAM – $10
K&N – $14

I have a 2006 Mazda3 which uses a cartridge-type oil filter. There were only a handful of brands that made them four years ago when I got the car, but a lot more now.

I’ve decided to start doing most of my auto maintenance (which I did for years) to save a few bucks. I’m just trying to decide if the FRAM or K&N are worth the higher cost compared to the Motorcraft.

I’ve been using Castrol Syntec (Full Synthetic, not the Blend) since 1993.

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