Can You Clean And Reuse An Oil Filter

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I am low on cash and have no access to atv oil filters at this time, i have a 2003 yamaha raptor and it is running kind of bad, and I need to replace the oil filter, and I was wondering if I could just clean and reuse it.

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    1. Dave W says:

      well that would be better than leaving it clogged and dirty. but if you cant afford it dont ride until you can. you have a risk of damage if you dont run clean oil and filter…

    2. LeAnne says:

      That’s just plain bad economics – cash in some returnable bottles and put a new filter on it.

    3. Sweets24 says:

      Yes, You can clean and reuse the oil filter. Just make sure that you don’t do this all the time. I do it myself when i dont have the spare cash. It works.. go for it!

    4. Uh Huh says:

      Dude… consider the amount of money you have invested in the raptor… Then consider what an oil filter costs..
      Don’t ride it until you can afford a filter. They cannot be adequately cleaned and you run a risk of blowing out the filter element if you try.. then you have no filtration.

    5. Lover not a Fighter says:

      Don’t do it. Filters are just few dollars. Engines are few thousands of dollars.

      Oil filters have valve to limit the oil back flow. Even if you think you got the dirt out, there’s a lot of dirty still in there.

      Good Luck…

    6. CARL G H says:

      Never re-use a paper type element !!! park the Raptor till you can get a new filter. there are cleanable racing oil filters out there they have a metal type finish.please dont try to clean it though because it will harm the engine!

    7. nick@night says:

      There is no cleaning and reusing the old filter. Just wait until you can buy a filter and then do the oil change. If you were to just change the oil, it would be instantly dirtied by that old oil which is in the old filter.

    8. baldie says:

      no!, because 1 thing, you wont get all the dirt out of it, besides you can buy them for about 4 or 5 dollars.

    9. Geeoh says:

      i believe u can clean it but u just cant use soap and water u actually need to get an oil filter cleaning kit lol
      best bet is to stop riding it and wait until u get some money and buy a whole new oil filter, if not just borrow some money from some one or get a credit card lol

    10. Firebird says:

      Oil filters are not designed to be backwashed. Nor would you, on a car. The filter only costs $3, so there’s nothing you could clean it with that’s cheaper than the filter itself.

      HOWEVER- You can keep using your old filter. You can leave the oil filter on for two or 3 oil changes; no problem. They never get full of dirt on the typical duty cycle. If it does get full of dirt (it won’t) there’s even a bypass valve for that.

    11. Larry E says:

      By trying to clean it you could break down the paper elements and this could plug the filter. Don’t try it.