Flames Coming Out Of My Headers Why

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I’m workin on my buddys 62 impala. he has a 350 crate engine that was sitting on jackstands for about a year in the garage. it ran great before when in was in his 65. the distributer is timed, the exhaust isn’t hooked up yet, we can get it to run for about a few seconds then it will cut out. flames come out when we put fuel in the carberator by pressing the gas. when we just crank it to start no flames and no start.

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    1. greencreeper56 says:

      The timing is way off.

    2. Jeff A says:

      Sounds like timing or spark issue. Flames can come out when fuel which not fully combusted is combusted on the exhaust stroke……

      Prolly just too much fuel not enough air or spark.

      Check your wiring to ensure it is in proper sequence and also make sure your wires are not damaged. Finally check the carb and make sure it is in fact delivering the proper amount of fuel.

    3. txharleygirl1 says:

      Your engine is running way too rich. Too much fuel too little air. It won’t start now, because it is more than likely flooded.
      Wait for a few hours and try it again.
      In the mean while, check all your vacum hoses. Are any cracked ? Do they look worn ? If so replace them.
      Also adjust your carberator with the little adjusting screw.
      A little at a time.
      Worst case scenario you may have dirt under valve seat in carberator. In that case you’ll have to rebuild carb to get it clean enough to run right.
      Engines that sit around tend to collect dust and rust and grime
      anyway. Also fuel tends to develop into sludgy stuff in the engine. If it were me, I would spend the extra money for a new carb, instead of spending time cleaning and rebuilding it.

    4. Aussie Bloke says:

      These answers are all possibilities. One more thing to check is that youe timing order hasn’t been messed up – this will often cause flames to shoot out the headers – and sometimes the carb as well. Also, check that the timing chain hasn’t given up or slipped a tooth. This could cause the valves to bend from hitting the pistons – the lack of a seal will cause flames to come from the headers, but keep the engine from starting (a simple compression test can confirm this.)

      Good luck!

    5. john m says:

      the timing is off(distributor adjustment.) and the fuel mix is too rich(carburator adjusment)

      connect(make a bridge) a 12 volts lite bulb to the ignition coil ground(negative).put the timing marks on the crank pulley, in 8 degrees advance,the rotor will be pointing toward the cylinder one,twist the distributor body until tthe lite goes on and invert the rotation,slowly, untill the lite goes off,at that exact moment the coil will send the spark to the cylinder one.
      that is in timing.

      in the lower part of the carburator(close to manifold) is an screw, twist it in toward the seat,(softlly it is bronce seat) and turned back two complete turns.That will make it.

    6. mister ss says:

      I would try another carb, sounds like it needs rebuilt.