Will Exhaust Tips Makes Your Car Sound Better Or Do You Have To Get A Totally New Exhaust

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I drive a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS
Im looking to make my car sound better pretty inexpensively.

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    1. mikeymike623 says:

      if you wanna do it right headers back will give you the best sound pull more power you can do it all for bout 800 to 1200

    2. gremlingts says:

      Just tips? No, unless the tip on a stock Eclipse is the muffler, too. If the muffler is further back, then you’ll have to take that off, and replace it with a Borland type, or one of the “trick” mufflers with removeable discs to change the sound. But just chrome exhaust tips won’t change a thing, the resonance is killed by the muffler, so you have to change that out to get any real killer sound. – The Gremlin Guy -

    3. jason b says:

      It did on my pontiac sunbird. Made it sound less bumble bee and kinda staggered

    4. Peter Griffin says:

      Exhaust tips are there for show. They don’t do anything to make your exhaust sound different.

      Try getting a new muffler. Unfortunatley for you, since you have an import, your car will always sound like a rice grinder, no matter what kind of muffler you use. Although, it will be easy to find a muffler becuase tons of people buy them and make their Toyotas, Hyundai’s, Kia’s, Honda’s, and Mitsubishi’s sound like…whatever it is they sound like. But maybe you like that…I don’t know.

    5. K Soze says:

      You have to, at the very least, get a muffler. The tip is all show, no go.

      If you want to be cheap about it, cut the whole tail pipe off and people will hear you from 3 blocks away. Performance will suffer badly, but you’ll get the low growl that you want.

    6. zmoothg says:

      That is not true. Just because its an import doesnt mean it has to sound like a rice rocket. I had a Greddy SP2 Catback exhaust on my 98 Maxima SE and it sounded deep, throaty and not “ricey” at all. Sounded more muscle actually. It ran me about $500ish back then. Then I put a mandel y-pipe and it sounded even better.

      Normal tips will do nothing. You need to change the muffler. Lots of things can contribute to the sound. Headers, Y-pipe, Cats (Hi-Flow will give you a more open sound), resonators, muffler, but defintely not the tip.

      However I have seen resonator tips. I have never known anyone personally who has these, but these could possible affect the sound. Usually a resonator is used to decrease the sound, but it is possible to design it to change the car’s default sound and pitch. However, your car has to already have some kind of sound of its own then you can use a resonator tip to tune to sound to a more sporty tune, but a resonator tip will probably put the tune on the riced side of things. You can just search for muffler resonator tips in a search engine.

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    7. J B says:

      First of all, please ignore the uneducated ignorant answer from “Peter Griffin.” Lol, “rice grinder” thats a good one…. Technically, the Eclipse isn’t an import. It was built in Illinois, and if you see one in Japan it had to be imported TO Japan.
      Your Eclipse has a V6 under its hood, and will not have the typical 4 cyl sound that most people (like above) write off as “rice”.
      A tip won’t do anything for sound. If you want it to sound nice, but not be annoying, For example: quiet at idle, and just cruising, but makes it presence known when accelerating. Leave the cat in and get a nice catback system. However, I don’t know offhand which companies make them for a 3g eclipse. if you’d like a better answer. go to club3g.com. It’s a website devoted to 2000-2005 Eclipse drivers, and they can be more specific as to what your options are.

      Hope it helps.

    8. im Zo fly says:

      the tip is just for show. if you want to change the sound for cheap just change the muffler. if you want more hp get a catback system

    9. iceman_092 says:

      Get a new muffler, tips are just to be shiny and look good.