What Is Better, Straight Pipes Or A Performance Exhaust System

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I have a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Ext. Cab. Im wanting to get a new sound system on it, but i can’t decide what to get. i have seen some vids on youtube of straight piped Rams and they sound great, really loud. But i wanted that tone that an exhaust system like Flowmaster would give. Does anybody have any idea how i can get the loudness of straight pipes with the sound of a Flowmaster?

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    1. nappy says:

      put on new headers. Youll get a richer sound and it will be louder.

    2. Country Boy says:

      CBS13, Go to the Dynomax website, turn up the speakers on your computer and listen to the sound of all their mufflers. Check out the Dynomax Super Turbo Muffler. It has a diagonal perforated pipe from the inlet to the outlet. It sounds just ratty enough if you plan on a split dual system. Check out Doug Thorley’s headers also. They fit like a glove.

    3. Ray G says:

      performance exhaust would be better.glass pac muffler like the cherry bomb

    4. krazybob613 says:

      Install a custom over sized dual exhaust with matched catalytic converters and a set of semi-baffled Cherry Bomb brand or performance Flowmaster mufflers. Not only will it sound great but it will be Legal and improve your performance and the fuel economy will be better too!

    5. mister ss says:

      they now make electric cutouts that you can install and open and close them from your dash, you can have an open exhaust or close it up to have your regular exhaust.

    6. Ron B says:

      Well, straight pipes are going to get you pulled over almost everywhere…for performance and sound on a P/U go with either Gibson, Thorley or JBA headers, coupled with a true dual exhaust with an “X” type crossover and Dynomax UltraFlow SS mufflers. Flowmasters are junk ! The Dynomax UltraFlow outflows any Flowmaster by @ 40% as independently verified on a SuperFlow 600 test bench.