Motorcycle Exhaust Pops & Explodes

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I just got a new motorcycle exhaust not to long ago, its only a slip-on.
Sometimes when i start my motorcycle the exhaust will make a loud “bang” noise or it will shoot “fire” out the exhaust or both.

My motorcycle shop installed this exhaust tip and said it was good to go. Im wondering if this is normal or should i take some kind of action?

Does it hurt my motorcycle in anyway? and what causes this?

It did not do this with the stock exhaust.


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    1. »« says:

      Its only back firing… it doesn’t hurt your motorbike majorly but needs fixing for the sake of your emission output and fuel use. It may do it because it is not the same size as the standard one that was fitted and it occurs when the fuel/air mixture fails to ignite inside the chamber and is ejected out the exhaust line and is caused to explode there. It most likey could be a leak in the fiiting of the new top causing more air to drive down the pipe.

    2. Travis says:

      If exhaust was installed without rejetting the carb(s) or remapping the fuel injectors you’re likely running lean which creates high combustion temperatures and overheats your head pipe. When unburned fuel reaches the pipe then BOOM.

      You didn’t mention what kind of bike it was, but a too lean mixture can result in a scored piston and cylinder wall especially on an air cooled motorcycle.

    3. Brandon says:

      travis nailed it… Your dealership you went to shoulda known that… All they did was put in a “spark arrestor,” which does not take care of your problem but will keep the flame from coming out the pipe…