Lawn Mower Smoking White Smoke.

My mom told me to mow the lawn today so i took the lawn mower out, checked the oil and it was a little low, so i told my mom and she said there’s a bottle of oil in the car, i grabbed it, was reading it to see if its meant for lawn mowers at all, and saw “For Diesel Engines” on the front, i thought that was good enough so i unscrewed the oil cap and poured some in, i wasnt sure how much to put in cause i never did it before, i kept putting a little in at a time and putting the dipstick in and repeating that. I never really was able to see the oil level on the dipstick so i thought i over filled it. I mowed the lawn and after a while the mower was making kindof a squeaky rattly noise, i shut it off and looked at the blade, nothing was caught so i pulled the cord to start it but it failed to start then smoke started coming out of the exhaust pipe/tin. (white smoke) It smelled kindof like burning oil or rubber, something like that. I checked the oil again and i think the oil was still low.

What happened?

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