If I Install An Aftermarket Exhaust System, Performance Headers, And An Air Intake System, Will I Need A Tune

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Hi, I’m looking to get a better sound out of my 07 mustang gt as well as a little more kick. I’m buying a 3 month-old flowmaster exhaust system, performance headers, and an air intake system from a friend. I was wondering if after i install these parts I’ll have to tune my car to get any benifit from them, and if so how much would it cost to do so. if anyone could help me out I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

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    1. guywithquestions says:

      yes ur gonna have to tune it..because u have more horspower and u need to direct the power..just buy a tuner kit from a autoshop (60 bucks)look online how to best tune ur pony

    2. lordkeystroke says:

      You may need some fine tuning/tweaking to maximize your gains, but most good performance parts manufacturers make upgraded parts to be used without a lot of tweaking. HOWEVER, since I just re read your post, I am compelled to ask you why your friend used this stuff for 3 months and then removed it. The way I see it, he either totalled the car, or else maybe had a turbo setup installed, making these parts unusable to him now. If neither of these reasons apply, then maybe he removed them because it caused a drive-ability problem? Check engine light came on, or something else entirely?
      Whatever the reason, your method of getting more sound, and performance is a good place to start. If you go easy on the loud pedal(the fun one on the right.. =P ) you may even see an increase in mileage. Have fun.

    3. Shark bait says:

      Yes, I would go for something by Mantovani.
      Nice and relaxing

    4. Jake N says:

      NO, you dont need a tune to drive the car with those add ons as such, you will pick up a marginal amount of power, but YES you do need a tune to maximize thier potential. it’s not because they make more power by themselves and you need to add fuel, thats ridiculus, the computer can add more fuel if the air/fuel ratio deems necessary… you need a tune because the adibiotic efficiency, volumetric efficiency and pumping losses of your engine have all changed from the factory parameters. a handheld tuner can help, but the best way to tune a car after putting major parts (headers) into it is a dyno tune, and you will make farrr more, and SAFER hp with a dyno tune then just flashing the ecu. you will know the air fuel ratio of your car over then entire rpm bad, which is the single most important factor of keeping your car alive. seriously.
      btw, what headers are you using, and are you installinh them yourself? shortie headers are an easy install, relative to full lengths, which are impossible for a novice with no lift to put in… and are you changing out your mid pipes to an x-pipe? also, what size is the piping for axle back flows and the header primary tubes?
      a dyno tune is usually 125 per hour, which a mild combination liek your car ( stock everything except few bolt ons) would probably only require an hour, plus cost of a piggyback chip or a one time charge for a flash of the ecu.
      hope this helps