How To Make Your Exhaust Smoke

Whats the best way to make your exhaust blow out lots of smoke? Not a diesel.. just normal car exhaust.
Its on a v8 87 camaro if that matters to anyone on how you’d answer this..
i know it can be done, i just don’t know a good way to do it. It doesnt even need to do it the whole time a drive, just for when i start it, rev it up and leave 🙂
ive had fun with the spinning tires on bleach etc. and just wanted to try and make the exhaust pipes shoot out lotsa smoke.
it does the normal some smoke when ya start it up especially when its cold etc. just want a little more 😛 anyone got ideas? thanksy 🙂

please.. no stupid comments on how its stupid or dumb idea blah blah cause.. i dont care
aaaand i just want it to smoke because… bored? idk, just wanna see what i can get it to do 🙂 and i just did an oil change too 😛 but i dont wanna do anything to like f up the car too though, just one of the things ya can add or “temporary” smoke kinda thing. Just more or less want it for a one time thing 🙂

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