Does A Flowmaster Exhaust Kit Make You Have Better Gas Milage

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There are 6 Answers for "Does A Flowmaster Exhaust Kit Make You Have Better Gas Milage"

    1. ylthao85 says:

      no, plain and simple. but you will get better performance.

    2. Tyler says:

      No it wont.

      At all….


      But tuning your car up will.

      Even new spark plugs will give you alot more gas mileage.

    3. sd_waterman says:

      a good exhaust system will increase your horsepower, low end torque, and fuel mileage IF the system is installed correctly. Flowmaster mufflers are the best on the market.

      what most shops don’t do is to downsize the tailpipe in reference to the head pipe. the farther exhaust gases get from the engine, the cooler they get, so downsizing the tailpipe is done to maintain constant pressure in the system.

      i could write a whole essay about it, but a flowmaster system WILL get you better gas mileage. the flowmaster kids aren’t made like they’re used to; they don’t downsize the tailpipes anymore, therefore doesn’t work to its full potential.

    4. SuperTech says:

      It should improve the overall efficiency of the engine which means slightly better performance and slightly better gas mileage. However, when you weigh the cost of the exhaust system against the marginal gas mileage improvement, it’ll take you a very long time before you have actually saved any money.

      Note: simply replacing the exhaust without any carburetion adjustments to compensate is not always a good idea.

    5. Lozza says:

      Yes it should.

      A high performance exhaust alllows the exhaust gases from the engine to leave more efficiently, so the engine doesn’t have to waste extra energy pushing out exhaust gases. It will make the engine run more efficiently, therefore saving fuel.

    6. yakio12 says:

      If this kit includes headers it will definitely increase gas mileage, but just a muffler probably won’t make it worth while