Do Resonator Exhaust Tips Really Work

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I’m looking for something that will muffle the sound of my exhaust. A nice, deep tone is what I’m looking for. I was just wondering if these resonator exhaust tips really work. If so, what brands should I be looking at in order to get the sound that I want?

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    1. ken k says:

      what engine/most of those ricers sound like buzz bombs

    2. bbstar1122 says:

      no they don’t work. if you want to change the sound of your exhaust, you would have to replace the whole exhaust system. there is no tip out there that will change the sound of your exhaust

    3. Conner k says:

      I have a 355 in a 81 monte carlo, it has headers, 2 1/2 piping, and borla pro xs mufflers, and ran out the back. At idle they had a sort of hollow sound. I decided to cut the piping and run it out behind the rear wheels, to reduce the cackling due to excess piping after the mufflers. between doing that, and adding some SPECTRE resonated tips, it deepened the tone considerably, and really brings out the 296 duration cam. I say if you’re looking to deepen or smooth out the sound, for $20 a piece you might as well try them. Don’t expect a world of difference but it IS noticeable.