Dodge Ram 318 More Power Suggestions.

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I have a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 with a 318 that I plan on making a “mud bogger”. Before I put the lift on it, I want to get the engine straight. Is the 318 worth modifying/rebuilding, or should I drop a crate 360, 440 or Hemi in it?

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    1. dodge man says:

      318 is a real good engine ,but it is limited to a point on horse power,if you want the best results from it drop a good 360 crate engine in it,you can get instant horse power from a 360 for half the cost of what it will take to build a good 318,the 318 is a good engine though,it just wont produce as much horse power for the money as a 360 will,good luck.

    2. racefish68122 says:

      Go with the 360 or the 440. Both have plenty of after-market goodies available. If I remember correctly, you’ll have to change the transmission, mounts, and drive shafts if you go with the 440. The engine is a B block and different design than the 360/318.
      You would want to go with a different radiator. I’d suggest one that is aluminum with more space between the tubes so it won’t get clogged.
      The mounts for the P/S and alternator are different too as is the wiring harness for thr 440.
      Think seriously about how much you want to spend before switching to the bigger block.
      Personally, I’d stick with the 360 crate. You can also get the same block with higher displacements too so you could go up without spending too much.

    3. Manolis S says:

      Your solution is PIMP MY RIDE.

    4. roidsroy69 says:

      The 318 is a great engine. You could always get work done on you 318 block which would essentially make it a 360 if you bored it out and stroked it. If you were going to go the new engine route I would go with the 360 since it will fit in your truck without anymods. The 440 is a HUGE engine, and I mean in terms of dimensions, not just displacement, and you would have to do some serious mods to put it in a 99 ram since the engine bay isn’t setup for such a big engine. Plus the 360 would be more of a responsive engine since it is a small block, and you can get power out of a 360 comparable to a 440.

    5. charger_sbee says:

      The crate small block would be the best bet.The options now are almost too good to be true.You can get anywhere from a 320 horse 360ci to a 440ci 500horse small block crate motor.It will bolt up to the stock motor mount locations and still have room for headers and such.And all you accesories will bolt right up too

    6. Ryan M says:

      Mopar Performance has a lot of high quality parts, including cylinder heads that can easily get your engine over 300 hp.

    7. mindbender - seeker of truth says:

      Check out Mopar performance at your local dealer or online at ^(
      then click on the red performance engine part.

      Price some items for your 318 and then compare the cost with a good used 360 and then you can make a reasonably intelligent choice base on the cost to get the power you want.

      hope that helps…….

    8. dodgedude99 says:

      well unless you have deep enough pockets to make a 440 BB or Hemi to work with all the sensors and keep it smog legal, that is out, as well is about 99% of the crate motors since those are all for carbed applications.

      since you are lifting it, i will assume you are putting bigger tires on it which you will need to regear the axles to a lower gear ratio. since its a 1/2 ton, no bigger then a 36″ or 37″ tire. and i would go with 4.88 gears. gears are the FIRST thing you should consider when you put bigger tires on.

      i have a ’99 Ram with a 318, i have installed a hiflow convertor, 3″ piping back, hiflow muffler, roller rockers, Superchips programmer, headers, M1 intake manifold, low temp. thermostat, 24# Ford Mustang injectors, and a round airfilter.
      i have 37″ Goodyear MTRs with 4.56 gears (4.88’s werent out at the time i did it) and 5″ suspension & 3″ body lift. around town the power is fine, could use some more on the highway, and in the slop it isnt all that bad.

      you can bore and stroke the 318’s to 390 ci, the 360s to 408, 426, and even 440.
      the 390 and 408 will typically cost you around $4k+ to do it yourself or $6k+ if you have it built for you.

      or you can find a 360 from the junkyard and just use it.