Why Does My 1995 Toyota Camry Temperature Gauge Always Read Low Should I Get The Thermostat Changed

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For some reason the temperature gauge always fluctuates from
cold to just below the mid point of the gauge. I’m not sure if it’s the thermostat or the gauge. Is there any way for me to check either or both?

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    1. alcathey09 says:

      Nah, my truck does that too, its always below the middle dash. Its just not warmed up, or you dont hit the gas like some people do. Some new cars have better cooling than others, but has it stayed low even when you’ve drove it for several miles?

    2. KC M says:

      you can try removing the thermostat and check to see if it needs to be replaced (if its worn).

      also, you can check the temperature cooling sensor. (this sensor sends temperature information to your cars computer).

    3. helpful bob says:

      It’s probably normal for the cars engine to run those temperatures. Look at my engine its a 3.3 and within 15 Min’s the temperature gauge goes up a bit , then after 2 hrs it goes up a notch more , then after 18 hrs straight driving the temperature gauge doesn’t go up period.

      Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way if you call the dealership’s customer service rep they should be able to tell what is normal for that car.Plus if the car is a few yrs old it’s not a bad idea to flush the rad and change that thermostat anyways.I’d also check the anti-freeze with a anti-freeze tester.

    4. toyodave says:

      If by fluctuating you mean it goes up and down even while driving, that’s a problem. If you mean it starts low, goes up to that point and stays there, that’s normal. If it is actually fluctuating (moves up and down in the same trip), have the thermostat replaced right away. If it is operating incorrectly, it can also stick and cause the engine to overheat.

      Midway of the gauge should be about 190F to 200F. Test the temp of the engine at the aluminum housing sticking out of the end of the head over the transmission while the engine is running and hot. It should read somewhere around that, down to 180 is OK. If that is about wher it is, the gauge/sender are OK.

      If there is any question on the t-stat, justs replace it. It is a whole lot cheaper than a new engine!

      Hope this helps. God Bless!