Where Is The Thermostat On A 1999 Chevy Malibu

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And is easy enough to do on your own?

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    1. lexusry says:

      it takes about 2 hours to replace it. it is located on the driver side connected to the radiator hose.

    2. Andy W says:

      its not very easy to access. If you have the general knowledge of automotive maintenance then it shouldnt be that difficult.
      Its actually underneath the plastic air intake.
      The first thing you do is driain half the coolant.
      Next, remove the plastic intake.
      Youll see the thermostat housing almost under neath the throttle body cable. If you are nimble, you dont need to remove the cable, but if you have fat hands, you might need to.
      youll see a hose running directly into the housing, remove it and the housing, and youll see the thermostat.
      Its back by the exhaust manifold.
      Once you get to it, its not hard to replace, but its alot of work getting to it.

    3. fordman says:

      The thermostat is located on the front of the engine block ,at the top. Follow the upper radiator hose from the radiator to where it goes to the engine. You should see a fitting with 2 bolts, one on either side. The thermostat is located below this fitting. Remove the 2 bolts, lift up and there it is. Lift it out, clean the gasket surface areas, install the new thermostat in the same direction as the old one, use a new gasket and replace the bolts and check for leaks, after replacing the anti-freeze.

    4. b.clayt says:

      Follow the top raditor hose down to where it connects to the engine, you should see the the thermostat housing, it’s where the hose is connected. There should be two bolts or nuts that fasten the housing to the block. before you remove the hose, drain the redator down about half way, loosen the hose clamp on the hose at the house and remove the hose. use a ratchet with an extention and the proper size socket to remove the thermo. housing, then you should see the thermostat, take note as to how it looks because you will want to install the new one in the same way. BEFORE you start get you a new housing gasket. You may need to scrap off the old gasket to pull the old gasket out. Afetr you have the old thermostat out, clean the area around the thermostat really good, taking care not let any of the pieces of the old gasket to drop down into the block, stuff a rag in the hold to pervent this from happening. Insert the new themostat into the block, apply a smale amount of gasket sealant to the new asket, if it doesn’t have an adhevest backing. Lay the thermostat housing gently on top of the gasket with the holes lined up. Start you bolts and just hand tighten them, then with your ratchet/socket tighten the housing down alternating from one to the other, you want to bolt it down evenly, tighten the housing down fairly snug. Attach you hose, fill up your raditor, start your engine with the cap on your raditor, make sure your return system container is at the full mark. Let your engine run for 5 to 10 minutes keeping an eye on your theromstat housing to make sure there is no leaks, if it leaks, just tighten the bolts down some more. It is not a major job, you can do it your self. I hope that I didn’t make sound compercated, but, I thought that you needed some extra instructions.

      ps=my check spelling wasn’t working so you will have to just try to figure out some of the words, sorry!