Where Is The Location Of The Thermostat On A 99 Jeep Cherokee

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I am having a problem with overheating. When I drive over 70 the temp gauge goes up and my check gauges light comes on. This also happens at random times when I’m not driving that fast. I think it may be the thermostat so i am trying to change that.

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    1. James H says:

      should be by the radiatior cap… least thats where its at on a lot of cars

    2. moe h says:

      follow the upper hose from the radiator to the housing on the end its inside there.there is a modification on your jeep that many have done just because of the overheating problems.look up on google its a overflow tank bypass mod.worked for me.

      ase tech

    3. team48 says:

      A Jeep Cherokee has a fan request from the computer, the driver in the computer routinely fails. A thermostat will not likely fix your problem. See Yahoo question about overheating Blazer. ( asked and answered today)
      Use the same technique on your Jeep.

    4. Jeep Man says:

      if there was one clincher for the cherokee, that would be it. most of them run hot. mine does, evan after i put in a new rad, pump, thermostat, and installed an auxillary fan override. the thermostat i think was behind the water pump, kinda hard to access. i think the only thing you can really do to get the jeep to run cool is install a triple core radiator. still the fan override works well most of the time. the cherokee overheating problem has always been an issue because the rads are so short (i don’t think the wranglers have this problem, bigger rad). the thermostat itself is pretty cheap, but it takes a while to do the work. hope this helps

    5. Cristiano says:

      my 98 5.9L jeep runs about 200 going down the road (70 mph plus) which is normal, if your at 70 and it gets above that your problem is most likely a plugged radiator, your fans arent on or the thermostat should be completely open and staying open, unless its -20 below outside. warm the vehicle up then turn it off. run your hand down the radiator core and if it gets cold at the bottom your radiator is plugged. my 5.9L has a duel speed electric fan and the low speed it out and this causes problems when running the ac intown. other than that about 220 is when my hi speed fan kicks in and about 200 is when it kicks off. hope this helps

    6. hobbabob says:

      i am guessing you have 4.0 inline 6. t-stat is under coolant outlet front of cyl head [top hose is connected to it. use a genuine jeep t-stat as the aftermarket[stant] just doesn’t quite fit.and causes trouble overheating and leaking. if this doesn’t cure the problem check for combustion gases entering the cooling system a early sign of a failing head gasket[creates an air embolism] and stops coolant flow .intermittently the 3 tube heavy duty radiators are the only ones to use if replacement of this is deemed necessary