What Is A Good Temperature To Keep My Heater Thermostat At

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It has been cold and I have been running my heater a lot lately. I’ve been keeping my thermostat at 70 degrees, but I know my husband is gonna flip when we get our bill, plus I need to start getting used to the cold weather. What is a good temperature to keep my heater thermostat at?

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    1. suave_girl65 says:

      I think 70 is very reasonable- otherwise you are going to be very cold!

    2. Lauren:] says:

      keep it at 76 or 78

    3. Silverstang says:

      I don’t know why, but they recommend 68 degrees, which even for me seems cold, except when trying to sleep.

    4. the answers unknown says:

      70 no higher then 72 73

    5. carlos 2008gt says:

      I keep it at 70.

    6. anarchist210 says:

      dude, he shouldn’t freak out when it’s at 70. If you want to be warm, but save money, keep it around 73-75.

    7. miwa h says:

      start out at 71then go down a little lower till you get used to it but stop at 67

    8. Angelique says:

      70 is good, but if I get cold I crank it up. You could use sweaters and blankets and also during the day keep the blinds open to let in the sun, and when using the over open it after use, also have lots of soup and hot cocoa and wear layers, and insulate and put stuff on the windows to keep the cold out, cover all cracks and snuggle up.