What Could Happen With Thermostat Stuck Open

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My thermostat in my radiator hanging wide open, and my car never gets very hot. Could any problems arise from this?

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    1. man_with_koolaid_smile says:

      yes the car will run rich and burn too much fuel

    2. Ron B says:

      Yes, decreased fuel mileage from an overrich fuel mixture because the computer uses the ECT reading to control fuel mixture. Cold engines require more fuel to run properly.

    3. duce says:

      Your engine will never reach or take a very long time to reach proper operating temperature, this may be ok when it’s hot out but in the winter you will get lousy fuel economy and the car won’t run well, have it changed

    4. skwonripken says:

      You’ll only have problems in very cold weather. The engine will not get to proper operating temperature for a long time, the heater will not work well and you’ll freeze your fanny off. Nothing will be damaged, but why not change it? It is a very simple repair that costs very little.

    5. 3DDD says:

      Fuel mileage would be the biggest problem and that might not be that bad.

    6. most69s says:

      your car wont store heat and the heat would not be warm but good thing its not stuck shut u would over heat u got any more questions

    7. Mike says:

      Fuel has nothing to do with it, Everybody is making it sound complicated. With your thermostat stuck open you are going to have lousy heat in the cold weather. They cost about $7 at your nearest AutoZone or Oreillys and is very simple to replace. Make sure you purchase the gasket if it doesn’t come supplied with one.

    8. BitburgerPilsMan says:

      The above answerer is correct about heat, but he knows nothing about the way newer electronically controlled engines work if he thinks gas use isn’t an issue.

    9. jcann17_2002 says:

      I pretty much agree with all of the other answers. But don’t forget that a stuck thermostat can lead to major problems down the road that a simple fix can and will solve right now.