What are the Differences in Different Thermostats

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I drive a 1990 GMC Sierra and i need to get a new thermostat because it is sticking… So i went online and did some research on different parts and have found that there are different degree thermostats (195, 180, and 160)… But i have no idea the benefit of any

What are the advantages/disadvantages to 195, 180, or 160 degree thermostats? And what should i probably get?

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    1. Silverstang says:

      Well, stock stats are usually about the 195 range there. As this would be best for the optimal operating temp, for the oil to work at its maximum efficiency. The 180, and 160 are more for a performance stand point, basically to run the engine cooler, thus making a little more horsepower.

    2. David L says:

      Long answer short, you should call NAPA, Auto Zone or your local parts store to get the correct thermostat for your engine.

    3. 81Mustang says:

      It depends where you live. The temp (195,180,160) is the temp your engine must reach before the thermostat will open and allow the coolant to circulate and cool the engine. If you live in a cool climate then the 195 will make sure your heater provides enough heat on the colder days. If you live in a climate that never goes bellow zero I would recommend the 180 or the 160. Also if you drive your truck aggressively or tow with it alot I would stay on the safe side and not put the 195 in since it might over heat on a hot day if you work your engine too hard. I had this problem with my Mustang since I had a brand new high performance 302 and then with the 195 in it it was already climbing to 210 or higher when I worked it hard so I put the 160 in it and then it stayed at a decent temperature. If you run the hotter thermostat you will probably get slightly better fuel economy though since the fuel will vaporizes better at the higher temperature. Hope this helps………

    4. steveomac1958 says:

      Hey: the difference in thermostats is the temperature the thermostat will open to allow the engine coolant cool down. The manufacture/engineers calculate the correct temp your engine runs best with. Replace it with the same temp.reading as the old one. Engines run best when they are hot. Allow your vehicle to heat-up before driving. Say 1-2 min.