Updating/converting A 1956 Chevrolet Belaire 6 Cylinder To A Fuel Injection System

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I would like to drive my old chevrolet’s around more often I would like to know if there is a fuel injection conversion kit sold just for this application. Help the old cars out with their gasoholism? I’m thinking maybe a tbi system? It would be a perfect world if there is a big box you can order that just bolts on with few disturbances to its body (holes)

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    1. armona4708 says:

      There is an easy solution. J/C whitney sells a wiring harness for just about anything. Very simple. Computer, map sensor. tbi unit and 2 or three other easy sensors to hook up and your done.

    2. musiclicker says:

      I own a shop, a drag car & truck, and what I think is this; I do a lot of this kind of work, and there are some kits you can get to make this transformation pretty easy. A couple of companies come to mind. First: You can get a complete kit from Edelbrock, that has everything you need to do this with. Second: A website to check out is:
      http://www.fuelairspark.com ^(http://www.carparts21.com/goto/http://www.fuelairspark.com)
      Both of these companies make a complete, out of the box bolt on upgrade that includes everything, but its not that cheap.
      Glad to help out, Good Luck!!!

    3. the_manic_mechanic says:

      Holley also makes kits for this upgrade.

    4. davecat350 says:

      Most aftermarket fuel injection kits available come with all nessary wiring,computers and instructions needed and are pretty simple to install

    5. busnuttwo says:

      holley makes after fuel injection kit in sveral models not shure if they have small rnough cfm model it is lot of work tank needs return line from injector pump goes inrear by tank you will need to mount injector on manifold run wireing mount relay for pump and contol pump by relay oil pressure switch controls relay so if engine stals pump stops and does not flood engine you will also need hei ign system as fuel mix is leaner than carb reg ign system will not work not enough voltage you should do this any way it will help mpg not shure that when you are all done with injection mpg will be much better than hei ign better carb and complette rebuld most 6 cyl back then got high teens v8 got better your foot not in gas as much at hwy speed also think about overdrive trans to lowerr rpm at hwy speed hollyey has 800 tech line call them

    6. monte says:

      Not cheap, but everything you want made specifically for your 235. Scroll down when you get to the site, it’s near the bottom.