My Car Overheats At Idle After Driving A While

My car overheats when I drive for long idle time and then, as in the road or so etwas.Ich’ve never seen the fan again (even when running hot), but I’ve checked the fan motor with a battery, and it is not the Problem.Einige other facts: Yes, there is coolant in System.Ich have checked and replaced the relay – it is not the Problem.Ich have checked and replaced the fuse – it is not the problem.The ad on the dashboard works and tells me that he overheated ist.Also I have heard that there are several other areas for inspection – Thermostats, switches, etc. Can you help me, the perpetrator? Dank.Haben people even bother to full question read? The relay arbeitet.Es no coolant is austritt.Check my oil for what – Gremlins? I my oil every 3k miles and check the level every other pit stop as recommended in general.

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