How Much Should It Cost To Install A Thermostat Or A Part Of A Thermostat

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In a 2001 Chervolet Impala?

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    1. Clyde Z says:

      it should cost no more than 15 dollars for the thermostat. to replace it, it is only 2 bolts…it can be done in 15 minutes. it isn’t worth paying someone to do.

    2. straycat_101 says:

      the thermostat is a $3 part your going to get charged $15 for. I would figure on paying an hour labor, plus supplies(antifreeze, gaskets). Garage cost/…no more than $100…call around and ask th shops how to replace one, get an estimate

    3. workn2hard116 says:

      On the Impala it makes a difference as to whice engine the car has. It should be two bolts and then replace the thermostat and a seal or gasket. the parts should be between $15 and $20. Like someone else said, call some shops and get estimates from them before you do anything.

    4. lowrider_ortiz says:

      all anwers are right but do not pay over 50 for some one to chage the thermostat that would be to much

    5. "To Infinity And Beyond . . says:

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