How Much Should I Expect To Pay For A Water Pump And Thermostat To Be Replaced On A 98 Chevy Blazer

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I was told i need a new water pump and thermostat for my blazer i don’t know much about cars so i need advice on what to expect so i don’t get ripped off

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    1. negaduck says:

      call napa instead of using yahoo answers

    2. mark s says:

      $200 TO $300

    3. ittybittyrose says:

      well my brother said a couple hundred hope it helps!

    4. Mark says:

      honestly, about 800 dollars or so. Those are hard labor to replace. Depending on how many miles are on the vehicle, you may want to consider selling it and getting something newer.

    5. MARIO says:

      Depends on your mechanic , but if your doing all that might as well replace the timing belt while you are at it . You should really call around to get the best rate and make sure they confirm with you before they begin working .

    6. Rex B says:

      Go to an independent mechanic, not the Chevy Dealer. The dealer cost will be too much. Ask some friends in your area for someone they have used. I think $300 would be a fair price, and they should put in new antifreeze and maybe replace any hoses that are worn out. Good luck.

    7. koma says:

      It’s not cheap, lots of labor involved….if you are replacing the water pump you probably will want to think about changing the timing belt/chain also, if you haven’t had replaced already. they have to take off all the same parts to do it.

    8. Steve H says:

      well the thermostat costs like 3 bucks (about what i paid for my car) and its super easy to put in. You probably know someone who could throw it in for you for free just ask around. The water pump could cost from 80-150 bucks.. but if you have a shop put it in for you expect them to throw like 2-300 dollars onto that. It takes abit longer to put in than the thermostat but if you know someone whos willing to put it in for you for like 50 bucks or so thats a better deal than going to the shop.

    9. dodge_ram_pickup_guy says:

      it depends on what auto parts dealer you go to.i wouldn’t use autozone parts on any of my vehicles.because autozone sends their stuff out to be rebuilt and then the part is cheaply rebuilt and sold high.i go to o’reilly auto parts they are better and they offer a lifetime warrenty on most of their parts.autozone doesn’t offer a lifetime warrenty on their parts

    10. UCANTCME says:

      Between $275.00 to $350.00…


    11. K. F says:

      The parts might cost less than $300 from the auto parts store. However, if you get it through your mechanic or auto repair shop, they may pad the price. Then you have to figure the Chilton’s price on installation.

      Chilton is the book most mechanics use to give the standard amount of time that it takes to repair/replace anything on your vehicle. They charge according to the time it takes. I don’t know what your mechanic charges by the hour.

      Good luck! I hope you can still afford Christmas! It wouldn’t hurt to call the auto shop and ask how much they estimate. If you’ve already left the vehicle there, tell them you want a call with the estimate before they repair the vehicle. If they call with a higher price than you expected to pay, tell them you’ve got to check something. Then call around to see what prices are like with some of the other auto repair places in your area.

    12. soaplakegirl says:

      I would say about $200-$300 parts included. They only extra parts your mechanic might suggest would be a serpentine belt, about $30.