How Much Does It Typically Cost To Have A Thermostat Replaced In A Ford Focus

Posted in Cooling Perfomance | Asked on Apr 12, 2010

My heater is not working in my car and everyone keeps saying that its probably the Thermostat. I want to have a general idea of the cost of repairs before I go to the repair shops.

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  1. thesloaneranger says:

    if your thermostat is jammed open, you would know as the temp guage on the dashboard would struggle to reach the “normal” operating temp…if at all! as the engine would believe its constantly cold, your fuel consumption will be higher too. if you have noticed this, then the stat is more than likely knackered. changing a stat isint a big deal, and wont cost much……if your remotely comfortable with a toolbox, its something you can do yourself in less than hour no worries.

    cost wise, if you were to take it to a garage for repair, id bank on around 1hr labour plus the cost of the stat……………ovbiously a dealership workshop will charge alot more, but as its a simple job, anywhere will do.

    theres other reasons for your heater not working such as sensor failures or simple things like popped hoses, but without seeing the car in front of me im unable to help more. sorry.

    best wishes xx

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