How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Water Pump And Thermostat On A 2002 Jeep Liberty

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And, is it covered under warranty?

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    1. Mark says:

      Why would you care if it’s under warranty? I can’t access All data from home but I would guess dealer price would be be around $500. or more.

    2. lordreflexis says:

      depend on your warranty not all are created equal you’ll have to read it
      to determine whether it covers engine repairs as for the cost of the water
      pump it depends on the shop rate and city you live in. where i am its from
      200-500 bucks from the cheap seedy looking place to expensive dealership, the thermostat is nothing really around 50 bucks and you could save yourself the cash and do it your self follow upper radiator hose
      to engine that’s the thermostat housing take the two or 3 bolts off, whip out the old one fire in the new one scrap off the old gasket carefully put on the new gasket line up with the holes fire in the bolts tighten to about 15 foot pounds that’s tight plus a 1/4 turn more and you just replaced the thermostat.

      hope that helps

    3. Michael says:

      If you have a warranty,Yes they will cover it.

      But if you were to do it your self, at Auto Zone a manufactured water pump is no more than 30 dollars and a thermostat is no more than 10 dollars. I prefer you doing this, or having someone you know who knows a little about mechanizing to change them.

      But if your were to have to hire someone to install it DO NOT go to the dealer, go to a back woods auto mechanic who will be 5-6 times cheaper than the dealer in labor.