How Do You Know Your Thermostat And Water Pump Are Going Out In Your Car

What are the warning signs that they are going out?

My temperature is spiking and then going down and not regulating the temperature.

The coolant in my reservoir was low so I added more. I checked it when I got home (about 15 mile drive on highway) and the reservoir was empty.

Is this possibly the water pump and thermostat or something different?

If it helps, the make and model is a 98 chevy lumina.
The temperature has just started spiking today. It has not gone into the red at all. It just been running a lot hotter than usual (past the middle of the temperature gauge). My car automatically dies when the engine overheats to protect itself, but I haven’t let it get to that point.
My radiator was replaced 2-3 years ago. Surely that’s not bad yet. I have never replaced my water pump. We are taking it to a mechanic tomorrow, but would like to have an idea as to what it could be first.

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