How Do You I Replace The Thermostat On A 1994 Honda Accord

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Based on some advice here on Answers, it seems like the thermosta is likely to be broken. How do I replace it? I have a 94 Accord, 5speed.
I have tried googling but can’t find a Honda source for replacement instructions or video.
BTW, Galaxie, in a 94 Accord, it is the BOTTOM hose which leads to the thermostat.

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    1. >rojo rocker arms says:

      In American cars the thermostat is right there after you remove the radiator hose. I am unsure if it is the top hose or bottom. I want to say the bottom hose. I don’t know if import cars have the thermostat in the same place.

    2. galaxiexl says:

      C’mon,are you serious?Follow the top hose back to the clamp.There’s the Thermostat,under that cast aluminum neck.Break out your metric sockets and a new hose clamp(don’t re-use factory clamps)and unbolt it from the motor.That’s what your looking for inside the housing.Don’t install the new one backwards!!Put the new one in the same direction with a new gasket.If your keeping the car,get a “Clymers”manual and unlock the secrets of the universe.By the way,if that top hose looks crispy,cracked or swollen,get rid of it.

    3. Todd says:

      im betting that its going to be a 10mm wrench too, but yeah dont put it in backwards, just pay attention when you take the old one out, it shoud be on the passenger side of the motor and i would suggest a chilton manual from oriley, autozone, etc they will show you with pictures on how to do this repair