How Do I Replace A Thermostat On A 1998 Oldsmobile Silouhette

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I need to find the location for the thermostat on the engine?

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    1. Super-Tech says:

      it is in the housing on the engine side of the upper radiator hose. you will need to take the air filter tubing off to get to it.

      1 Drain some coolant into a clean container until the coolant level is below the thermostat housing.
      Remove the upper radiator hose connection from the thermostat housing.
      2 Loosen the housing bolts and remove the housing.
      3 Remove the gasket and scrape it carefully from the surface of the housing and the mounting surface on the engine. If the gasket remains on either of the surfaces, there will probably bea coolant leak after reassembly. Some engines use a rubber O-ring to seal a thermostat housing.
      4 Compare the size of the thermostat to the old one. They are of different sizes, types, and temperature ratings.
      5 The temperature rating is stamped on the sensing bulb on the bottom of the thermostat. The temperature bulb faces the block.
      6 When replacing a thermostat, be sure that the thermostat fits into the groove in the block or outlet housing. If the thermostat is installed upside down, the engine will overheat.
      7 Install the gasket.
      8 Reinstall the thermostat housing. Refill the system and run the engine or pressure test to check for leaks.
      9 When the engine has reached operating temperature make sure the thermostat opens.
      10 You should be able to see coolant circulating within the radiator.
      11 Another way of checking thermostat operation is to feel the top of the radiator hose or use a thermometer or multimeter with a temperature probe to confirm that the coolant is warming up.
      12 If the engine is overheating, but the top hose is still cool to the touch, the thermostat is stuck closed and must be replaced.

    2. baldie says:

      it should be right on the intake. follow the top radiator hose and you will find it. to change it, drain some anti-freeze out and i dont know about your, but some of the thermostat housings has a (0) ring, not a gasket, dont put anything on the (0) ring, just replace it, and some cars, like mine has only 1 bolt to take out. after you change the thermostat, put the housing on and the bolt, watch you dont overtighten the bolt, or you will strip out the threads, the intake is only aluminum.

    3. Dan says:

      it is easier to replace if you remove the throttle body but not necessary