How Do I Find The Thermostat In A 1999 Mercury Mystique

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I need to change mine and don’t have a manual.

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    1. dodge man says:

      just follow the top radiator hose down to the engine ,there you will see a housing,the thermostat is located in under that housing,good luck on it.

    2. FastEddie says:

      Not sure about your car, but normally the thermostat is located where the upper radiator hose goes to the engine (on the engine side).

    3. Jason B says:

      OK on the radiator look for a hose that looks like it is go in toward the top of the engine OK once u see the hose on top of the engine under in that hose is the thermostat which is bolted to the engine it’s not hard to change one just loosen the hose clamp be careful coz sum fluid will come out and make sure the engine is cool OK after that move the hose to the side and there should be 2 bolts holing the housing on loosen them and pull them out and set them aside don’t lose them pull the housing out and the thermostat should be in either the housing or still in the engine just pull it out and when u go to put the knew one i make sure u clean all of the old gasket off and install the new one and then just do the reverse of what i said add more fluid if u need to and start it up if u need any More help just ask !