How Do I Change The Thermostat In An 1999 Pontiac Grand Am

Posted in Cooling Perfomance | Asked on Apr 17, 2010

Do I need to buy a pulley puller, or a steering wheel puller or something?

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  1. dbjeeps says:

    it should be fairly easy. follow the radiator hose the one on the top. once you found were it connects to the engine, there will be to bolts. undo those and there is your thermostat. you shouldn’t need any special tools. make sure you use a new gasket and put the thermostat in there strait. be careful when putting the bolts back in the holes. make sure they thread easy so you don’t cross thread. that could be a big problem. one more thing you need to do as soon as you take it apart is clean all the previous gasket off and make sure you are working with a flat surface. before you go and drive somewhere make sure the fluid levels are correct and no leaks.

  2. Metallman56 says:

    heres a great link with pics. its not too hard to change. ^(

    good luck

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