Can I Drive My Car Without A Thermostat

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If so, how much and what are the consequences apart from refrigerant cool?

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    1. hermitofnorthdome says:

      yes you can. the only real issue that you will have is no heat

    2. ogdad223 says:

      yes you can just be care ful about overheating and damagine parts

    3. gdwrnch40 says:

      It can overheat from not allowing the coolant enough time in the radiator to cool off.

    4. Iknowthisone says:

      Yes. Although it should have a thermostat, driving without one is OK but before it gets cold you will want to replace it.

    5. Mr. KnowItAll says:

      Computer controled? The engine will run bad because it will never go into “closed loop”.

      Carbureted older car? Poor gas mileage.

    6. SVOMAN says:

      yes, but your heater wont work very good, and it might even run hotter in the desert. not disigned to run with out it. try a 160 in the summer and 180 in the winter …

    7. Country Boy says:

      The entire engine package is clearanced and designed to run most efficiently at what ever yout specified thermostat temperature is.
      If your engine does not get up to temperature internal condensation raises he*l with motor oil. Soon varnish and sludge will cake inside the crankcase.

    8. couv2020 says:

      Yes, you can drive a car without a thermostat. The thermostat function is to force the engine to operate at a specified temperature. Combustion engines are more efficient when operated hot. Of course too much heat is detrimental to the engines life.

      Drive it as long as you desire without the thermostat. Since thermostats are very cheap; one might wonder why you would want to run the engine long with out it installed.

    9. blastabuelliac says:

      You can but I wouldn’t recomend it. In the summer it could cause your car to run too hot especially if you are doing a lot of city driving. In the winter the car would run too cold (depending on where you live) never heating the water up enough to give you heat in the car and causing the engine to run cold all the time.

    10. Charlie J says:

      Most cars can operate fine without a thermostat, with no long term problems. It means a longer warm up period in the winter months for cars that have a carburetor. But with fuel injection it should be no problem. But you should keep an eye on the temperature gauge or light, because some vehicles may even overheat without a thermostat because the water is running through the radiator too quickly and not getting a chance to cool off before it goes back to the engine. And in the winter time a missing thermostat will mean a longer period before the antifreeze warms up and provides heat to the inside of the car.

    11. TomB says:

      You can drive it as far as your want without a thermostat but when you shut off the engine you might have coolant spew out the overflow. Also your fuel mileage will go to pot.

    12. DBl43 says:

      If its computer controlled then a stat is recommended. On my older performance vehicles I eliminate the thermostat and replace it with a restrictor plate. It looks like an over sized washer, you have to experimant with different sizes to see what works best for any given vehicle

    13. Grant M says:

      Lots of people run their car with out a thermostat… Especially in the winter… The thermostat is for heating up the engin quickly… and you can drive your car forever with out one if you like… But if you are saying while you are driving and its bad.. Then what will happen you will over heat and probably crack a head gasket or blow a hose line… Good luck Grant M from Pennsylvania