Can A Cracked Thermostat Housing Cause Smoke

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Today I found out my thermostat housing has a crack in it, im sure it was worse but now its bad. It drains my coolant fast and pretty sure heats my car up. I want to know if a leak in the housing can cause white smoke from the tail pipe? What will it cause if not that?
I heard about a head gasket before but theres no oil leakage and no oil in my coolant or water in my oil. Im so confused
98 eclipse rs

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    1. casslasure says:

      no it have a blown head gasket

    2. crewchief1949 says:

      What kind of vehicle? I.E. the 4.3L in my wifes blazer had a crack from the inside of the manifold where the thermostat sits, the crack continued on to the number one cylnder, sucking in coolant and leaving the locomotive steam cloud.

      Do you live in a cold climate?
      I would do a compression check on your engine. You could have a crack in a cylinder. Also, run the engine with the cap off your radiator. look for a continuous stream of little bubbles and possibly smell of gas or exhaust in the radiator. The head gasket is a possibility also. Or even a cracked head. Compression check will expose a cracked head, cylinder or blown head gasket. You can also put a coolant sytem pressure tester on your car which is easier than a compression tester. That will let you know if you do indeed have a coolant system leak, which indeed you do.

    3. Mr. KnowItAll says:

      But an overheated engine can.

    4. SteveO says:

      Yes it can, if the car overheats as a result of a cracked thermostat housing the rings will go bad. When that happens the oil will pass through the tail pipe. The heads might also warp and cause the head gasket to fail and blow oil through the tail pipe. Either way the smoke is burnt oil.

    5. kevusaborn says:

      Your engine is in serious trouble. Do not drive it anymore. You’ve
      already driven it too far as it is running it hot.

      To answer your question, NO…a cracked thermostat housing will
      not cause the white smoke. You have already done other damage
      to it, or the simple crack has led to a very possible blown head
      gasket or more.

      If you want to save this car. Get it towed to a shop, diagnosed properly, and make your decision on whether or not you are going to
      spend the big bucks to fix it.

      That’s the bottom line here.

      Good Luck…

    6. [email protected] says:

      White smoke out of the tail pipe can mean only one thing!
      Your engine is burning too much oil. The rings are bad or you over filled with oil.

      White steam, on the other hand, means that water is getting into the combustion chamber. That can be caused by a cracked engine block, a cracked head, or a leaking head gasket.
      Replace the thermostat housing, stop that leak and see what happens next!