Why Won’t My Car Start The Indicator On The Battery Is ‘green’ And I Got A New Alternator Last Year…

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I am in the northeast, and although it’s cold outside, it is not the coldest it has ever been. So why do I have to jump start my car almost every morning? All accessories are made of – did I even unplug the phone charger. I park in my garage. DH says it’s not the battery – so what can that be?

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    1. Rick says:

      Might be the starter

    2. nysenutz says:

      Could be the brushes on your starter motor. It often has the same symptoms as a flat battery and a jump start is needed. If you have some mechanical nous, its not such a big job, but if you don’t, get a mechanic to look at it. Check your starter motor connections first. Hope this helps.

    3. Ron N says:

      Check you battery terminals, make sure they are tight. also
      check for corrosion around the terminals. Then once you
      have done this,, solinoid is next..

      Beyond that your looking at ignition,,

      Best of luck,

      Also have the battery checked even if its new you could be
      getting a false reading,

    4. "To Infinity And Beyond . . says:

      You must have a connection problem with the power supply to the starter.

      It maybe the Starter it self

      Negitive engine Block grounds

      Power wire or connections to the starter.

      Or through your “key switch” Ignition system down in or on the steering colum and or starter

    5. John Paul says:

      You still have the original green eye battery? that green eye thing doesnot work if the water in the battery is low, won’t let it float. Go to the auto store and have the battery load tested. Many times the GM side posts leak acid and cause corrosion under the red and black covers have sand paper ready to clean up the terminals and replace the battery bolts reuse the red and black covers. Get that new battery installed and you will be a self starter again. Rubber gloves are helpfull corrosive Hydrocloric and sulfuric acid.

    6. pbleek says:

      If you have to jump it when it gets cold its is the battery. No point in getting it tested, you KNOW it does not hold enough juice to start your car on a cold morning and thats all you need to know.