Why Can’t My Car Battery Hold A Charge

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I have already replaced the battery and the alternator (at the cost of $400). The engine has trouble turning over, and I can’t drive further than 10 or 15 minutes before dying after my car has been sitting on a charger for over an hour. I can’t afford to keep guessing at what is wrong, and no tester has been able to identify the problem. Please, please, please let me know some other reasons why my car won’t hold a charge.

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    1. formulafire83 says:

      you have a short or a wire hooked up wrong.

    2. Nick says:

      Inspect the battery cables and wires from the alternator. Sometimes they become corroded underneath the insulation and make it difficult for current to pass.

    3. marty p says:

      You have a short in the system, possibly the key circuit.
      When you turn your car off, disconnect one of the battery cables. Reconnect the next morning, and it should start. If it does start, you got a short somewhere in your wiring.

      Hich-current shorts will heat the battery, and warp the internal plates to the point where the battery short circuits itself. Test this by putting the battery on a charger overnite, with a batery cable disconnected. If it doesnot start in the morning after reconnecting, you got a short inside the battery.

    4. Ted J says:

      maybe you have a defective battery or alternator. make sure your battery terminals are clean and tight. many auto parts stores and repair shops will test your charging system for free.

    5. RIC W says:

      take the negative post off when it isa running an if the car dies your not charging