What Will Happen If I Disconnect My Battery

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I just recently installed a new remote start/alarm on my vehicle. It is made by clifford and am sure it is the matrix 2.2 – 1 way remote model. My vehicle is a ford that has the chipped keys and needed the bypass module installed for this. I wanted to add some other performance stuff and need to disconnect the battery. What will this do? Will I have to reprogram the system? Will it leave me with a dead vehicle? Thank you for any help you can give!!!

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    1. Sparky3489 says:

      You should be fine. You can always call Clifford to find out for sure.

    2. BAY says:

      All it is going to do is not allow electricity to flow through your vehicle. Meaning, no you can’t start your car up. Once you reconnect your battery, everything will restart, and be fine, you are gonna have to reset your shit like your radio and time though.

      Yes, you will be fine. =)