What Is Causing My Car To Flash Service Battery Charger System

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My 2006 Chevy Impala was running fine. Would a small hole in the muffler cause the “service battery charge system”?

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    1. kelly_f_1999 says:

      bad battery
      loose belt
      bad alternator
      loose or dirty battery cables

      most shops or parts store check charging system free takes about 5 minutes

    2. cynthia says:

      no it means your charging system(alternator) is about to crap out . or battery is not holding sufficient charge. you need to get it serviced. it will seem to be running fine but will adventually leave you stranded if not fixed.

    3. Mallikarjuna rao U says:


    4. Hex T. says:

      Your scenario indicates a weak charging system. In some cases, this may also mean NO charging.

      If possible, install a voltage regulator unit after you get the job done…
      anyhoooo, back to the problem….

      Whjen you take it to a workshop,
      it always begins with the checking of electrical wires…. connected to the alternator..
      A line that does not allow continuity will also cause this to happen.
      Corrosion on terminals may also result in intermitent faults.
      Or that your alternator parts needs to be replaced…
      if you can’t get it replaced, just replace the entire unite.

      If the problem is not found by checking the wirings, out comes the multimeter to inspect
      current flow and voltage… a standard auto battery is approx. 12 volts when not in use and may reach up to 13.7 volts when the charging system is functioning properly.

      However, if you are really LUCKY… a burn fuse may also cause your charging system to fail.
      Inspect the main fuse also known as the fusible link.

      Thanks for reading….
      btw, on a personal note… I LOVE CHEVY IMPALAS!!! ESPECIALLY THE LOWRIDER ONES! too bad they don’t have ’em here in Malaysia. :(

    5. Alekat says:

      GM side post connectors are a constant problem. Check both and make sure they are clean and tight ( 5/16″ insulated box wrench)

    6. goldenboy_1024 says:

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