Should I Charge Chevy S10 Battery At 6 Or 12 Volt Setting

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My Chevy S10 Pick-up battery is really low and a jump is not easy because the truck was made, a field. I do have a charger with 6 volt and 12 volt options on a trickle charge at 1 amp for 24 hours. Which setting is right for the dough? Alternative there any web site with good info on old car / truck parts, which would tell me about the standard battery for this thing make sense?

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    1. wrenchhead6974 says:


    2. josh v says:

      12 volt setting since that’s what the battery is and the truck runs off 12 volt system

    3. johnny b good says:

      Chevy S-10’s use a 12 volt system. Always use the proper voltage for the battery and the system that is on the vehicle to avoid ruining other components.

    4. housefly says:

      definetaly 12 volt. all most all cars now are 12 volt systems. If you really have questions fo to or call your local auto parts store they can answer all you questions on cars and accesories

    5. kapn says:

      12 volt trickle charge overnight…make sue the fluid in the cells are at the ring when you take the cap off.

      How are you going to get power to the battery charger if the truck in out in the field?

      Take the battery out and have it checked out at Auto Zone, Wal Mart or Sears…they will test it for nothing and advise you of a good replacement. If the battery is OK trickle charge in you garage if not buy a replacement and reinstall.

    6. Pedro S says:

      12..the 6 volt setting is for 6 VOLT battery’s,,geeeze

    7. bobweb says:

      If the battery is over 5 years old, I’d buy a new battery and install it especially on a vehicle that doesn’t get run much during the week. You need a battery that can hold a charge good. You might even consider buying one of the newer spiral core batteries by Optima. It’s best to disconnect the negative battery cable and use the 12 volt battery charging position. Alternatively, buy a 10 Amp charger and charge the battery for 4 hours at 12 Volts on the 10 Amp setting. Loosen the battery caps to prevent any explosive fumes buildup and wear safety glasses. ^( ^(

    8. jim1 says:

      12 volt
      6 volts battery went out in early 50s exception of old air cooled vw havent seen any 6 volts car in yrs and yrs