My Car Won’t Start After I Charged The Battery For 30mins

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I have a 83 Toyota Supra with a new battery I replaced in May. I went away for 2 months this summer. I asked my girlfriend to start it for me once in a while and she started it 3 weeks after I left and it started fine, then a week later she said it didn’t start.
I came back and charged it with a battery charger for about 30mins and it worked. I then drove it around for 10 mins and parked it. About 30mins later it wouldn’t start and would hear absolutely nothing when turning the key. (It was a constant buzz instead of clicking)
I then tried to jump it and the dashboard lights came on slowly nut the car was still buzzing and would not start.
What should I do? I thought maybe I should charge the battery for a day or two…any other suggestions???

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    1. Stinkle92 says:


      My best guess

      look into it =]

      hope this helps at all

    2. Shawn G says:

      Have the battery replaced new. Most likely its the battery that died on you. If problem still persist, check on the starter. Have the mechincs to check on the starter if you are changing at a workshop.

    3. streetrodmaniac says:

      It wouldn’t take a day or two to charge the battery up fully unless youare using a trickle charger. If you are using a standard 10 or 15 amp charger you should be fully charged in about half a day, just hook it up and keep an eye on the meter, if the battery is low it will probably start charging around 10-15 amps at first and will gradually go lower until it doesn’t go any further. Most batteries will charge down to about 5 amps, but some will go as low as 2. hope this helps.

    4. tony s says:

      corrosion on the battery terminals likely

    5. Scorpion says:

      Bring your car to a service center to check whether the battery is fine and if the alternator is charging right. If your battery is working fine, I believe the alternator’s IC or regulator is not functioning right. They have the equipment to diagnos the problem. Let them also check if there’s no short circuit in the starter system.