My Car Won’t Start After I Charged The Battery For 30mins

I have a 83 Toyota Supra with a new battery I replaced in May. I went away for 2 months this summer. I asked my girlfriend to start it for me once in a while and she started it 3 weeks after I left and it started fine, then a week later she said it didn’t start.
I came back and charged it with a battery charger for about 30mins and it worked. I then drove it around for 10 mins and parked it. About 30mins later it wouldn’t start and would hear absolutely nothing when turning the key. (It was a constant buzz instead of clicking)
I then tried to jump it and the dashboard lights came on slowly nut the car was still buzzing and would not start.
What should I do? I thought maybe I should charge the battery for a day or two…any other suggestions???

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