My Car Battery Is Smoking

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Last night i was working on my car and listening to music but the battery died so i hooked it up to a charger and put it on hold instead of an automatic shutoff and i forgot about it and went to sleep. Then this morning my home smelled of rotten eggs and sewage. I searched around and in the garage i saw smoke from under the hood and my battery was smoking and i determined that was the smell. I stopped the charge but it kept smoking for at least 10 minutes (it might still be). Is the battery ruined? what can i do?
thanks guys, i had the walmart battery so i just went in and they replaced it. and about my battery charger its ‘nascar approved’ so it must be good lol. ahaha

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    1. ckm1956 says:

      Yes, it’s ruined.

      Take it out & take it to a store to get a new one.

    2. smoke says:

      The battery was over heated. Let it cool, then check the water in the battery. It should be ok.

    3. Somethingtotry says:

      There is a possibility that the battery is ok, but chances are it is ruined. Personally I would not take a chance on it. Those things are dangerous if they explode. You’re actually quite lucky that didn’t already happen.

    4. LeAnne says:

      Your battery charger is a piece of junk – consider, your alternator charges your battery constantly everytime the engine is running and unless the regulator is defective, it will never “cook” or overcharge your battery regardless of how long it’s running – your charger should never have cooked your battery even on “hold” – the charge should have tapered off as soon as the battery voltage became even with the charger’s voltage.
      The smell of “rotten eggs and sewage” (good description) is hydrogen sulfide – and it’s a very volatile and explosive gas.
      I doubt that the battery is reliable any more – even if it appears OK in the short term.

    5. SteveO says:

      Get a new battery. That battery is shot.

    6. bandit_60 says:

      the battery is shot. the only thing you can do is buy another battery. if you left the battery terminals hooked up then make sure they are still ok. it,s a wonder it did,nt do more then just the battery.