My Car Battery Cells Were Empty , I Filled It Up Nearly To The Top With Cooled Down Boiled Water And Put It On

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A charger for 18 hours Will this work

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    1. cavie says:

      should work i Always heard to put distilled water in them but have used tap water i would not worry about it unless it empties Again then i would replace the battery

    2. dingodevil says:

      You need distilled water, not just cooled down boiled water.

    3. Briggs says:

      boiled water is not distilled water. tap water is full of ions, of Ca, and Mg etc. This will hamper the chemical process. You need to purchase distilled water or to be honest go and purchase a new battery. I wasn’t even aware that people still made batteries that weren’t sealed.

    4. Sexecutioner says:

      Well. you’re on the right track. I believe what you are after is “distilled” water though, not boiled. If you could have somehow trapped all that steam from the boiling process, and condensed it back into water, you would have it distilled. The evaporation process gets rid of any minerals, and leaves them in the pan. You need a battery hydrometer. They are available at most reputable auto parts stores for a few dollars. It is the “acid” content that you want to measure (there should be a green line on the hydrometer marking the proper level) On the shelf next to the hydrometer, there should also be “battery acid”. You want to get the acid content to the proper level, then your battery should charge just fine. Topping off the water is only a temporary fix. BE CAREFUL with the acid. It’s stronger than you would think, and has a delayed reaction, that gets worse when rinsed with water. Clean your hands with BAKING SODA first. That will neutralize any acid if it gets on your hands. As for it charging back up : it really depends on the battery type, size, and age. If topping off the water doesn’t work. Try my solution. If you are not comfortable with the acid, Auto Zone may do it for you for free, or a battery shop will, for pretty cheap. Hope this helps :)

    5. oklatom says:

      As others have said, distilled water, not cooled down boiled tap water.

      But if it was empty as you state, even distilled water isn’t going to help you, water will not magically change into battery acid if it’s run completely dry.

      Time for a new battery, and a check of the charging system while you’re at it.

    6. Dan says:

      It will give diminished performance, you still put minerals and contaminates in with the water which is NOT DISTIILED as the battery needed.