My 2001 525i Blower Motor Will Not Shut Off When The Car Is Turned Off. It Is Draining The Battery.

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My 2001 525i blower motor will not shut off when the car is turned off.
I don’t know how long this has been occurring, but it drains the
battery. In addition, there are 2 fuses 75 and 76 I can’t locate. The
later is a 40 amp fuse for the heater blower. The fuse is obviously not
blown since the blower continually operates. Still I would like to know
where these 2 fuses are located as I could pull the blower fuse
instead of disconnecting the negative battery cable to save the battery every
time I park it in the garage. There are 2 banks of fuses in the glove
box. 75 and 76 are listed on the card in the glove box yet they are
not located in the glove box. There is another bank of fuses along with
several relays above the battery behind the sub-woofer in the right
rear quarter panel. I thought the blower problem maybe a relay that is
not operating properly, but with the car off and the blower going I
disconnected each relay to break the curcuit without success of
stopping the blower. Perhaps there is a different relay located
somewhere else in the car, or it is not a relay problem. Unfortunately, the
fuse list located in the back panel for the rear fuse bank where the
relays are located does not list each relay and their purpose.

Another problem I’ve had with this car is the front rotors. They are
made out of soft metal to facilitate better performance while
stopping. They seem to warp easy. First, the brakes along with the rotors
were changed at approx. 25,000 miles. The BMW Dealer told me the car was
designed this way and it is normal. Then I started having trouble with
warped rotors. They have been changed several times but always end up
warped prematurely. Perhaps it is a caliper problem, or a master
cylinder issue.

Does any body out there know where fuses 75 and 76 are located and
any other relays? Second, do you know what may be the problem with the
blower oscillating from slow to fast while the vehicle is shut down?
And finally, is there a solution for the warped rotors besides driving
the car off a cliff?

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    1. Joe D. says:

      Im not familiar with BMW’s but with climate controlled vehicles,i do know that the blower is controlled by a blower control module and the blower gets its ground thru the module.
      If the blower continues to run with the key off,the problem lies internally in the blower module and it needs to be replaced.
      look into that and see if your vehicle has that setup

      As far as the rotors,cheaper aftermarket ones will do that.
      ALSO>>>if the lug nuts are improperly/overtorqued when put back on,this will definitely warp rotors within 5-7 thousand miles or less.
      A torque wrench or special torque sticks are required to tighten them properly.
      If just an impact wrench is used ,they can be easily overtorqued.