Is A Car Battery Charger Output Voltage 12V

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Is a car battery charger output voltage 12V?

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    1. Lover not a Fighter says:

      More like 13.8 volts.

      But more important than the voltage – the current is controlled so the battery liquid doesn’t get boiled away.

      Good Luck…

    2. Ken E says:

      It’s like the alternator on your car. It’s out put is about 13.8 volts.

    3. Robert S says:

      It’s more like 14VDC in order to over-ride the battery.

    4. guess78624 says:

      Not all battery chargers are “12 volt’ chargers some come with more than one voltage, – such as 6 & 24 volts (but they are much more expensive than single voltage chargers!

      Now “open’ line voltage (not hooked to a battery may be as much as 18 volts, but once on battery (if battery near “full” charged), it will then read maybe 13.5 volts ! Howevr even this could be deceptive, as the “lower the battery is, – the lower the voltage will read! — As the charge comes up,- the voltage comes up also! The main determination here is the “amperage” the charger is able to put out! Smaller cheaper chargers may only put out from 3-10 amps! This is adequate for charging a battery overnight – or whenever you have about 5-6 hours available… now some of the more expensive chargers can actually be used to start car -as they put out as much as 150 amps!.. BUT you can not charge a battery with this much current, as it will warp plates and be ruined from overheating, — this may actually be putting out 16 volts while on battery also! Charging a battery at a rate of more than 15 amps consistently will be very risky!

      When charging with alternator on running car, – the regulator takes care of voltage and current requirements, so although you may have a 100 amp alternator, it is not overcharging battery whle you drive!